Jill Midgley – Yoga Teacher 

The physical aspect in yoga first captured my attention. I was fascinated how yoga moves the body in all directions with purpose, focusing on technique, balance and body awareness. As a long-time yoga practitioner who has led a very physically active life, I appreciate yoga for allowing me to continue the activities I love (mountain biking, hiking, skiing, farming and gardening) and for helping me to do so pain free.



I started a consistent and focused practice here in Wanaka in 2002 under the talented teacher and practitioner, Swenja Stellfield. My classes are a blend of past learnings and yoga traditions and continued study. I’ve trained with Iyengar teacher Glenn Ceresoli in Byron Bay, Australia, and Goa, India, and completed a 300 hour, advanced teacher training with Noah Maze, a Hatha practitioner and a devoted and inspiring teacher of teachers.My interest is moving to the more therapeutic side of yoga, helping people be at ease in their bodies, building strength and mobility around good functional movement. Such a beneficial practice in empowering people to develop the tools to recover from injuries, chronic pain, anxiety and depression.I am studying Yoga Therapy, with Susi Hately from Functional Synergy in Calgary, Canada. A quote from Susi, “The body is a barometer of the mind.”

My practise and classes are a combination of all of these influences and traditions, and I enjoy sharing my experience with my students from my lovely, peaceful home environment.Practising yoga can be many things to many people. It can be exercise, stretching and building strength and alignment, to developing a mind, body and spiritual connection. I have found that regular practise helps bring balance, space, lightness and equanimity to all aspects of my life, and I find it greatly rewarding to watch students gain poise and develop an interest in their mind-body relationship.Yoga always finds its way “off the mat”: it keeps us balanced, both physically and mentally, building resilience for all that we do in life. Working with my students, helping them start and continue their own yoga journeys, is why I teach.