Yoga with Jill is full of reward.

Over the course of a term I feel every nut and bolt in my body has been visited, adjusted, tweaked, strengthened. Jill clearly has an in depth knowledge of anatomy. Her work with me specifically with neck/shoulder and hip issues has been invaluable. Jill’s teaching technique is not pushy, but she is there for anyone in the right mindset to support and guide through a new challenge or difficult pose. There is also great comradery between students who are all working on different challenges.

Jill brings to class a perfect amount of traditional yoga philosophy to work on modern day body and mind issues.

The rural setting is sublime with mountains and birdsong to cheer us on.

You can never stop learning about yourself and Jill has for me become the perfect guide.. Jill’s yoga lessons have become a mandatory part of my weekly routine.


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