January Timetable

Hello and Happy New Year,

I hope you enjoyed a fun relaxing festive season with friends and family and this new year is off to a good healthy start!

Classes will start again on Tuesday January 22, with an abbreviated schedule for two weeks and a full timetable starting again February 4.

Tuesday January 29

6:45 – 8 am

6 – 7:15 pm

Thursday January 31

 6:45 – 8 am

9 – 10:15 am

These are drop in classes, $20 per class, you can either bring cash or pay on line 03 1739 0027038 03

Please contact me if you have any questions, let me know if you do intend to come, always helps with planning the class. If its a last minute decision, come anyway, it always works out!!

If you have friends or family staying, bring them along too and please forward this email to anyone who may be interested.

The Year Ahead

What I want to offer …… I do find it overwhelming sometimes, this being a teacher of “Yoga” it is such a broad subject to cover and people want different things from the practise of it …. mindfulness, awareness, spirituality, strength, flexibility, balance, focus, philosophy, restoration ….. so I keep it simple and try to teach and share what is authentic to me and what I feel confident that I understand. My biggest aim is to help myself and others feel at ease and confident in their bodies, this helps so much in being at ease in our lives.

A snippet of what keeps me practising …..It is a holistic practise, it enhances all parts of life. When I start to get agitated or overwhelmed, it is usually when I haven’t been practising for awhile, I’m travelling or living in someone else’s space ….. so I roll out my mat and start … breath in breath out, move with intention, …… it helps a lot, obstacles get worked through, the path forward clearer and I feel great. I also like being active and appreciate how yoga helps me really be present in my body and enjoy all those activities, and recognise, cope when I can’t do them, because I may be slightly broken !!

My main focus at the moment …… I have been doing some study on the more therapeutic side of yoga, recovering from injuries and imbalances in the body, I am very interested in continuing with this learning and sharing it. I am available for one on one sessions, where we will look at how you are moving and work on a program for you to work on at home. These sessions would also be very helpful to aid in making faster progress in class, especially if there is something specific you are recovering from or working on.

Please let me know if you intend to sign up for the new term starting in February, what time suits you and what you want form coming to class. This will help me with planning the time schedule and class content.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Jill Midgley

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